Publication Schedule

and other questions

I wanted to let you all know that I have more or less settled on a publication schedule of Tuesday and Thursday at nine AM. I figure this will work for those of you that use my writing to help pass the slow times at work. I am also toying with the idea of two posts a week that are about psychopathy, or something related to it, and a floating post that would be more strange stories that would be like a random bonus. Or it could be one post about psychopathy and related things, and one that is strange and interesting stories.

Let me know what you guys prefer.

Another question. A person close to me has offered to write a post answering questions about being friends with a psychopath, and her experience dealing with me as she has for fifteen years.

If you guys like this idea, and if it goes well, I might be able to convince the Significant Other to do the same thing. He’s a bit cagier to pin down, so no promises.

The way it would work is I can put up a thread that will collect your questions. The only things I placed a limitation on is personal information, and/or identifying information. Other than that she will have free rein on what she wants to answer, and don’t worry, she won’t make it a sycophantic love song. She is free to talk about all the ways that I suck.

For now, that’s the plan. I have a post that I am nearly done on for Tuesday, and it will be a long one. Also there is a video that you should watch before reading it, so even longer. It’s the true crime post that I mentioned a little while ago, so for those of you that have been waiting for it, you will get it Tuesday at nine AM.


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