Question for my readers

Which should I do next?

I have two topics I will be writing up in the next little bit that overlap with psychopathy, but have interesting tales all on their own. Both will likely take a bit of time to do, a couple of days I think, so I am curious which one you would prefer I tackle first.

One of them is diving into a Reddit post that I am quite certain is a fabrication, but all the same is interesting. It is written using many old myths regarding psychopathy, and it should be interesting to look into a fictional writing (that is presented as being factual, you can make your own evaluations on that), and seeing how people will present psychopathy because they do not know better. It will also give the opportunity to discuss children that are psychopathic, and what their behaviors might look like in reality, versus the assumed version.

The second involves a brutal true crime story, which is significant enough in it’s details, that the post will come with a reader discretion warning. There will be a video that should be watched before reading the post, because how the video, and also the reports on the case are presented have a lot to do with my interest in it.

This discussion will be more directed at the cases that people often will make immediate assumptions about the causative circumstances of a crime, and also the actual causative circumstances of the case. This is one that even baffled me as to the motivation, and because I really had difficulty identifying why this case happened the way that it did, I was able to find answers that are not all that easy to come across, so if you were just looking into it for a motive, you might be left lacking.

Let me know which one you want me to write first. Both do have disturbing aspects, so fair warning to those of you that are easily disturbed. They are both of interest to me, I just want to know where I should sink my energy first.

Let me know.


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