About Athena Walker

I have been writing over on Quora for a number of years.

Athena Walker Quora Profile

I have consistently been the most viewed writer in psychopathy, and abnormal psychology during that time. I have a follower base of over 35,000 people, and have decided to move to Substack for the majority of my future writing.

I have been interviewed for the Jeremy Vine show, for Cut Magazine, and been quoted in, interviewed for, and been the basis for several authors that address psychopathy. My Significant Other was also interviewed for Cut Magazine as well. You can find links to both the Jeremy Vine interview in two parts, and the interviews for Cut Magazine here:

My Life As a Psychopath

What It’s Like Dating a Psychopath

There is also a follow-up video from Jeremy Vine:

Jeremy Vine

I have been published in Huffington Post, The Huffington Post UK, The Independent, as well as Medical Daily.

Can Psychopaths Have Successful Romantic Relationships?

I Test Positive For Psychopathy. This Is What My Romantic Relationships Are Like

Do Psychopaths Know They Are Psychopaths? A Psychopath Reveals The Answer

The Moment Psychopaths Realised They Were Psychopaths

I also wrote an article for TalkSpace:

I Am A Psychopath

My work has many influences, and it has reached many different types of professionals. I have been the basis for AI development, I have been in contact with FBI behavioral analysts, had in-depth discussions with multiple neuroscientists regarding the pros and cons of using neuroimaging for the diagnostics of psychopathy, and had multiple authors consult me to advise them on psychopathic characters, and Ph.D. level psychologists specializing in personality disorders discuss with me their frustrations with the current understanding and diagnostics of psychopathy.

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I do my best to remove the stigma attached to psychopathy, and speak about it in a more balanced way. For psychopathy to be understood, first we must dispense with the myths, and the misconceptions surrounding it. This includes speaking about the sources that these misconceptions stem from of which are many.

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